Sketch Dump 001

sketch dump




Yay! Hi again!

I’m sorry for the slow updates, I got really busy with work and stuff. Anyway, here’s my very first sketch dump for the year 2014.

I am really inspired to draw because of the stumpy pencil brush. The objects in the picture are used for my color palette proposal, except for the camera which is a logo requested by a friend of mine.




5-Tea bag


Filed Doodle Planner Giveaway by Katha Magazine

Yes! I’m going to join this giveaway. Filed Doodle Planner is really awesome for an artist like me, I didn’t have the chance to get one, so I’m trying to win it by joining the giveaway event by Katha Magazine. Wish me Luck!

First Question:


And here’s my Answer:


If you want to join the giveaway, here’s the Mechanics

Brew Your BEST Year!




Hi again! This is a super late post, but feel free to read. I know some of you have already guessed what will be the content of this post. YAY! I’m just gonna brag my first ever Planner from Coffee Bean & Tea leaf (My favorite cafe!) Thanks to my BDJ Power Planner Coupons, and my officemate(who ordered the espresso based drink and Tea Latte), I completed all 12 stamps then got my very first Gift giving Journal by January 03,2014 (I feel so accomplished! Yey!).  I have chosen the Purple color simply because I’m a pink + purple fan girl. I am so overwhelmed by it.

Great! Now I have two planners, my BDJ is exclusive for my Real WORLD stuff, as for my CBTL Planner, I’m gonna use it mostly on my virtual world projects and anything that I should be doing after office like blogging, or maybe drawing plans and stuff.

To all those who are curious what drinks do I order from CBTL, well, if it’s a regular months I always order Ice Blended Vanilla (Large) and for the holiday seasons, I always order nothing but a large cup of hot Red Velvet. You got that right!Well, I’m not a fan coffee at all, no offense to the coffeeholics. I drink coffee sometimes when I want to drink a hot beverage and yet there’s no cocoa or tea.

How I make my coffee? 95% milk, 3% sugar, 2% coffee… Yeah.. I’m not weird, you’re just too normal. xD

The New Bella


A few days before New year’s eve, I received an advance New Year’s Gift from my family. It is the first on the list of my wishes.
What is it? It’s the Belle de Jour Power Planner 2014! Yes! You heard that right. I am so inlove with it right now. It’s my very first BDJ Power Planner.
What I love about it? It’s more than just a Planner, it has it’s very own community. To tell you the truth, I’ve never used a planner before, and this is the very first planner in my possession.
What makes me so interested in it? Aside from it’s wonderful feature, it has it’s growing community, where most of the members shares the same interests as I do.
BDJ Power Planner also has some discount coupons that I can use throughout the year to pamper myself. Not only that, It also has some good articles inside where you can get some tips that will inspire you on how to live your life this 2014.
It’s super duper AWESOME! From the graphics to the contents, it is the PERFECT planner for girls like me. To all the girls out there, this is a “MUST HAVE”




Last two days of Paradise

Talking about lucky, I had a wonderful time with my family during the last 2 days of vacation (a.k.a. Paradise). Thanks to our family friend who gave us an overnight accommodation at Hotel H20. Alright, let the pampering begin!~

We arrived at the hotel an hour before check-in time. The ambiance is so relaxing when I entered the lobby. I also love the chandelier design of the Manila Ocean Park.


While waiting for our room to be fixed, the receptionist lead us at Club H20 where they gave us some welcome drinks. The scenery is so pretty (I love the sea, I might have been a mermaid in my past life).

Club H2o

Moving forward, we got our keycard and went straight into our room. I am really stunned by the big built in aquarium inside our room. If there is one thing that I have to disapprove at Hotel H20, it’s the bathroom. It has a glass door, and a glass window facing the bed which is really awkward.

ze roomBathroom

I really love the aquarium inside the room. It feels like I’m under the sea while looking at it. The fishes were very shy though. xD They don’t wanna play with me. 😦


And there is this two weird looking fishies. They look like a rectangular box, I don’t know what kind of fish are they. If you know, leave it at the comments.

The weird fish

After a few moments with the fishies, I went out of our room to see the pool (And yes, I love pools as well) I didn’t get the chance to swim in it because of some girly reasons (you know what I mean)


I also went outside the hotel to take some pictures and eat some street foods. Ever since we moved into our condo 3 years ago, I never got the chance to eat some streetfoods because there isn’t any available inside, even outside near our condo. So, I’m really happy that the hotel is just at the back of Quirino Grand Stand where lots of streetfood vendors are lurking around it’s field.


street vendors1


And I bumped onto these character balloon vendor. I really love looking at those balloons tied together, they are very colorful, cute, and pleasing to the eye.


At night, we went to SM Mall of Asia (the biggest mall in Asia, as far as I know), to eat dinner. Well, I ordered a thai fried rice and Hakaw dimsum (I forgot to take a pic because I feel really hungry  the moment that I sat down) For dessert, I had a Mango Cookies & Cream Crepe at a Crazy Crepe Stall.

Crazy Crepe

After eating, we went at the SM Hypermarket to buy some snacks, and look what I bought… YEAH! Macarons! Chocolate, Vanilla, and Pistachio flavor. Yum, yum, yum!

Macaron CDF

Before we left the mall, we ordered some drinks at my favorite Cafe: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Thanks to my Belle De Jour Power Planner, I got a pretty good deal. ❤


Back to our hotel room, I just played Gaia Online for a bit and then ate chocolates (I know I ate alot, but I have a different stomach for sweets)


The next day, my sister and I used our complimentary breakfast at Makan Makan. It was really awesome, but I didn’t get to eat alot, because I rarely eat breakfast.

makan makan

As you might notice, I didn’t enter the ocean park, well there were alot of people and I am too lazy to fall in line for tickets. xD

And that’s the end of it, goodbye paradise! you will be missed. Q n Q

Back to work~

New Year’s Eve and Everything that’s in it

Happy New year! I know it’s a bit late, because it’s already a few days passed January 1, but it’s never too late to greet, since it’s still 2014. My motto for 2014 ” No Negative Vibes Allowed “ Yes! Let all the Good Vibes enter.

So, What happened in the last day of 2013?
In the morning, we had our last minute shopping. Welcoming a new year isn’t complete without a Turkey and a cake on our Table. We also tried Lola Nena’s Pichi-Pichi  which is so so so…. YUMMY!

Last minute shoppingdevil's food cheesecake pichipichi
Moving forward, as usual, we spend our New Year’s Eve at my Aunt’s House, which means the turkey is still uncooked and the cake is still whole. I had alot of fun spending time with my grand niece and the other members of our family.
I didn’t get the chance to watch the fireworks because I am too busy making my grand niece fall to sleep, plus having a chitchat with her mom which is my BFF/niece. Here are some small gifts that I bought for the whole family.


There are many frustrations during the past year, and it’s a part of life. But, despite of all the frustrations, negativity, and other bad stuff, there is one thing that I’m very thankful for, that is I’m still alive and I am so blessed to have wonderful people surrounding me.
My New year’s resolution (Oh no~ here it goes)  is for me to become a better person and grow more on the inside. 2014 for me is the year of taking actions towards my dream and my goals. I’ve been through alot in the past years, and right now I feel like I just bumped my head onto and realized that I’ve been idle for so long, and that I should start doing something for a change and for the better.

What about you? How did you spend your New Year’s Eve and what’s your New Year’s Resolution? Feel free to comment your answer, link to your blog below